Project: Product Catalog

Client: Kata Golda

Role: Art Direction + Design + Copywriting

Creating a print catalog for Kata Golda, a small business with over 400 products, is no small endeavor. This was my third — and at 64 pages, the largest — and while certain things have become easier, this epic project never fails to require everyone’s full attention. From initial concepting and schedule planning, photography direction and copywriting, this project kept me busy for most of 2011.


Behind-the-Scenes: Crafting Organization Systems

To assist with product organization I built an expandable SKU coding system, so that all products — and their image assets — could be easily identified by number.

For example, SKU 12-41-002 reveals these details:

Many of Kata Golda’s designs evolve over the years, but retain the same name. A teddy bear design for a photo album may look slightly different in 2014 than it did 2012, and it’s important to know when refilling an order for a wholesale client — or when searching for the correct image.

Designing the SKU system in this manner also allows it to grow and expand with the product line for years to come.


A Consistent End-to-End Customer Experience

Equally as important to the site were the forms buyers used to place orders and view pricing — not all buyers had converted to online purchasing, and many requested price lists for easy reference. It was critical these matched the website and print catalog experience, both in content and design.

The price list also afforded us the flexibility to adjust prices as needed without updating the print catalog, which did not include prices — this evergreen approach reduced our costs over time.

The final push came in early 2012, as photography was wrapped up and the final layouts were put into place. The final stretch was the press proof review, which coincided with the delivery of the companion website and completion of the DIY Kit craft book series that I also designed. The end result is a colorful, playful catalog that had just as much love poured into as the handmade products it features.

Art Direction & Design: Amy Redmond
Photography: Frank White
Copywriting & Editing: Amy Redmond, Kate Dean, Alison Kaplan
Printing: Lithtex Northwest

Experienced with working in agency and studio settings, Amy Redmond is an art director and visual designer who thrives on variety, creating print and interactive work for corporate and non-profit clients. To keep her creativity refreshed, Amy balances digital design with time in her letterpress studio (Amada Press) in Seattle. She teaches typography at the School of Visual Concepts and letterpress printing at Partners in Print, where she also serves as a founding member of PiP’s Leadership Team.

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May 12, 2012