Project: “The Movement” Campaign (Phase 1)

Concept Theme: Reveal Your Power

Client: Oiselle (Seattle)

Role: Art Direction / Design

Oiselle is a Seattle-based “by women, for women” athletic apparel company that has always loved to go fast, take chances, and believes in the transformative power of sport. They make running apparel for female athletes of all ages, paces, and places — and bring together a community of women who love to move, run, and fly. Their mission is threefold: make great product, improve the sport, and build the sisterhood.

The Movement

With a presidential election on the horizon, Oiselle (French for “lady bird”) wanted to enter 2020 with a revolutionary spirit of hope and fierce determination, a theme they called The Movement. It would be woven into e-commerce, social media channels, event materials, catalog and retail environments throughout the year.

The message: We’ve been running this path of gender equity for a long time, but our endurance is tireless and we are tenacious.

The Inspiration

In revolution, the “expected” is torn away, to reveal an unexpected inner power. The lid, ripped off, lets light in and sets the caged bird free.

The Look

Phase 1 launched the new year and teased elements from a from a new soon-to-be-released line of apparel (birds, flowers, geometric lines). Photographs of camaraderie and athletic focus, unified through a wash of tonal color, are collaged with Oiselle’s iconic fabric patterns — then torn to reveal what’s been hidden. Birds burst forth from the boundaries of the box, rising up as if to say, you can’t hold us back.

Hand-inked display type (Balboa) lends a DIY “take matters into our own hands” attitude. It’s unique from the brand faces (Gotham, Didot) yet still able to pair well with them. Chosen for its boldness and flexibility, the condensed sans serif typeface alludes to bold, social justice posters of the past and underscores Oiselle’s grassroots community spirit.

Launching The Movement

Introduced through the founder’s annual New Year’s message, Phase 1 of The Movement would debut on Oiselle’s e-commerce site and be amplified organically through social media.

For Phase 2, timed in support of an early Spring launch of running apparel, the Movement’s look and feel evolves to full color, revealing the new fabric patterns teased in Phase 1.

Experienced with working in agency and studio settings, Amy Redmond is an art director and visual designer who thrives on variety, creating print and interactive work for corporate and non-profit clients. To keep her creativity refreshed, Amy balances digital design with time in her letterpress studio (Amada Press) in Seattle. She teaches typography at the School of Visual Concepts and letterpress printing at Partners in Print, where she also serves as a founding member of PiP’s Leadership Team.

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January 31, 2020