TitleCongratulations [No.1]

Year: 2019

Artist: Amy Redmond

Size: 8 x 10

Congratulations [No. 1] is an exploration of the emotion type expresses when treated as abstract imagery. Each layer of type, using only the letters from the word “congratulations,” was composed and letterpress printed in reaction to the previous. The prints were produced on a Colt’s Armory platen press using wood type, metal type, and elements cut from re-purposed photopolymer plates.

Later, wanting to push this methodology further, a selection of makeready sheets were trimmed intro strips and arranged into a visual story arc to become a limited edition accordion book titled Congrats — transforming static, two-dimensional moments into a dynamic, three-dimensional narrative.

Amy Redmond is an art director, design educator and visual artist whose work is connected by a passion for letterforms. Composed by hand with metal and wood type, her letterpress prints explore the duality of glyphs as language and image, concrete and abstract. She works in her private letterpress studio, Amada Press, and is a founding member of Partners in Print.

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November 1, 2019