Project: The Living Proof Project (2009)

Client: The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Role: Senior Designer

Agency: WONGDOODY (Seattle)

The Living Proof Project was initially conceived in by the Gates Foundation as a multimedia storytelling initiative to reach American audiences with positive stories about global health, emphasizing the progress, optimism, and opportunity that have been created with the help of U.S. investments. There is clear evidence that targeted investments in global health are saving lives, preventing and curing disease, and helping people to escape from poverty.

Its purpose is to get these facts out and to inform the conversation around the challenges and opportunities in global health and development.


The Reports, organized by topic, provide fast facts about progress against diseases like Malaria, Tuberculosis, HIV, and Polio. Charts and country spotlights combine data and human empathy to underscore the importance of global financial investments towards the fight against deadly diseases. Progress in these areas is highlighted to remind us that while the circumstances are extreme, there is hope that with combined efforts, these diseases can be eradicated.

In 2010 the Gates Foundation transitioned The Living Proof Project to ONE, a global anti-poverty advocacy organization, in an effort to reach millions of people around the world with the message that targeted investments in global health and development are saving lives and achieving real, demonstrable results.

Experienced with working in agency and studio settings, Amy Redmond is an art director and visual designer who thrives on variety, creating print and interactive work for corporate and non-profit clients. To keep her creativity refreshed, Amy balances digital design with time in her letterpress studio (Amada Press) in Seattle. She teaches typography at the School of Visual Concepts and letterpress printing at Partners in Print, where she also serves as a founding member of PiP’s Leadership Team.

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October 30, 2009