Typesetting by hand is a slow process, often peppered with an ever-unfolding troublesome cast of characters. It requires full attention every step of the way, and it was for this reason that I began pursuing letterpress in 1998: to see each letter, understand how it relates to its neighbors, and to focus on the finest of details until it looks just right.


Colt’s Armory Platen Press

The main trusty printing steed at Amada Press is a 13×19″ Colt’s Armory; it’s a reliable motorized press that prints with a 90° parallel impression and has been laying down ink nice and smooth for over 100 years.

Prior to its current Seattle home, it lived in the Skagit Valley, printing fine press books & poetry broadsides for Amy’s beloved mentors at Stern & Faye, Printers — and has a long lineage of talented press operators on its dance card. Today it prints everything from coasters to posters, including short prose.

Vandercook 4

This silver fox of a press turned 60 years old in June of 2017. It’s a Pacific Northwest native, originally purchased new by Queen City Typesetting in Seattle. It also came to me by way of Stern & Faye Printers, although Jules Faye and I are unclear of where it lived prior to landing in Chris Stern’s caring hands.

Classes & Workshops

Looking to get your hands inky?

Then you’re gonna be in good company. Amy has been teaching letterpress classes and workshops at Seattle’s School of Visual Concepts since 2003, offering both beginner and advanced classes to the general public. Those 10-week classes offer full immersion in the craft, while 1-day workshops and monthly 2-hour Letterpress at Lunch sessions offer a quick hit of analog redemption.

SVC’s letterpress studio is lovingly curated with 11 cabinets of metal and wood type,  5 Vandercook presses, 3 platen presses, and is centrally located in the South Lake Union neighborhood in Seattle.

To arrange a custom letterpress team-building workshop for your group, please contact the school at 206-623-1560.

News & Events


UPPERCASE Encyclopedia of Inspiration, Volume P: Print/Maker

I’m honored that Amada Press is featured alongside some of my favorite letterpress contemporaries in Janine Vangool’s latest addition to her UPPERCASE Encyclopedia of Inspiration series, Print/Maker (Volume P). The book profiles designers, artists and craftspeople who use printmaking and print technology to make things for themselves and others. It includes in-depth interviews with printers, stationers, publishers, zine-makers, homeware and clothing designers through studio pictures, portfolios and sound advice from print/makers from around the world. Published October 2018 by Uppercase Magazine.  {Order the book.} 


AIGA Seattle “Into the Woods” Design Conference

My fave design conference is back! I’m loading up the wagon with toys from the School of Visual Concepts’ letterpress print shop for a weekend of creative fun in the American Alps. In my workshop we’ll use natural materials, foraged from the forest floor, to create pictorial & typographic monoprints. We’ll also play with wood type & experiment with hand-inking & overprinting.   {Register / Learn More

08.11.18 – 10.07.18 :: GALLERY EXHIBITION


A juried exhibition, 10x10x10xTieton exhibits around 175 small works from around the globe each year, creating one of the most diverse shows in Washington’s Yakima Valley. IH7!JT is the first in an on-going series of iterative letterpress prints in which I’m exploring type forms as composition. {Opening Reception: Aug. 11, 2018, 12–4pm}


Hello My Name Is… Most Likely Not Futura (A Letterpress Adventure in Metal Type Identification)

For letterpress printers working with analog type collections, an entirely different set of forensic techniques are needed to identify imposters. In this reverent tale of an apprentice continuing the work of her mentors, Amy Redmond shares how a routine inventory review of Stern & Faye Printer’s metal house face, Futura, uncovered questions about its accuracy. Learn the techniques she used to unearth the true identities of its family members, and why she felt compelled to embark on an adventure in conscientious type stewardship. {Register / Learn More} | {Download the Letterpress Typeface Inventory Template}

2017 :: Amada Press Interview by Boxcar Press

Letterpress Printing Journeys: Amy Redmond of Amada Press

A mindful approach to letterpress (and life) is the buzz behind Amy Redmond of Amada Press. When we last caught up with Amy, she had a ball visiting & touring the Boxcar Press press floor. Now, the Seattle-based printer, visual artist, and instructor for Seattle’s School of Visual Concepts is blending a sense of creative well-being into her craft while nurturing a closely-knit community of printers. {Read full article}


Exhibitions, Publications & Speaking Engagements

An incomplete archive of gallery shows, articles, & talks related to my letterpress artwork.  {View archive}