A Boy and His Type: The Typographic Art of Christopher Stern

Article for Interrobang, written by Amy E. Redmond & published in 2007 by the Society of Typographic Aficionados (SOTA).

speaking engagements

End of Times 2: A Panel Discussion with 7 Artists

End of Times 2 Letterpress Print Exhibition (April 2017)
College of Saint Benedict; St. Joseph, MN 

End of Times 2 is a traveling group print exhibition of 40 contemporary letterpress printers, curated and coordinated by artist Mary Bruno. In this opening reception panel discussion, 7 of the 40 artists gathered in Minnesota to talk about the exhibition’s theme of perseverance and how it relates to their work.

Festina Lente: The New Push to Hasten Slowly

Hive Design Conference (May2017)
American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA); Seattle, WA

Abstract: In a society that is rapidly changing with the rise of technology, why are some designers consciously choosing to hasten slowly, adopting more time-consuming, analog methods rumored to be on their way out? Digital progress is distracting us from one of our greatest human needs: the time to pause, reflect, and engage meaningfully with our community. The age-old adage of “Festina Lente” is new again as the analog experience becomes more valuable, not less, in the 21st century.

Visual designers Amy Redmond and Jenny Wilkson share how they’re successfully shattering the binary ceiling in the unlikeliest of places: the School of Visual Concepts’ letterpress studio in South Lake Union, ground zero of Seattle’s tech boom. Drawing on 15 years of experience teaching old tricks to new dogs, they’ll show that innovation doesn’t have to be an either/or battle between the analog and the digital. By embracing the future of technology along with its past, they’ve stumbled upon a formula for fostering social change and scratching the creative itch we’ve all been feeling.