TitleEI Series [No. 3]

Year: 2018

Artist: Amy Redmond

Size: 8 x 10 inches

This print is from the 3rd edition in an iterative series exploring type as image, under the constraints of time. It is composed of metal and wood types, set by hand one character at a time, and overprinted in several layers.

The entire series was created during a single marathon session of printing, in which all prints started with the same base pass through the press using the letters “E” and “I”.

The sheets were then divided into several stacks of 9, and as the ink color migrated on press each stack became its own unique edition, a “call and response” process between the printer and the type in which the divergent and parallel paths of a conversation are visualized.

The type characters used in this print are: E I 0 i Q j j

Designed & letterpress printed by Amy Redmond on Neenah Classic Stipple in an edition of 9, using a Colt’s Armory platen press.

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Amada Press is the private letterpress studio of Seattle visual artist and designer Amy Redmond. The main focus of her work is on handset typography using metal and wood type. Amy offers letterpress classes for beginning and advanced students through Partners in Print and teaches typography at the School of Visual Concepts. Her professional design work can be viewed on AmyRedmond.com.

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June 4, 2018